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10 Animal T-Shirts for Guys We’re Obsessed With

You’re looking through your BF’s closet, hoping to find something to “borrow” AKA “steal” a t-shirt for the party today. But his wardrobe consists of nothing but ratty tees and holey sweats. Um, thanks but no thanks. Instead check out these snazzy animal shirts. We guarantee it’s a win-win for all.

Update bae's wardrobe with animal t-shirts even he'll like.

1. For the aspiring marine biologist

curly octopus animal t-shirts

Who wouldn’t want something simple yet still eye-catching? If your man prefers to spend his time in the pool or at the aquarium, look no further.

2. For the Obscure Poetry Lover

hipster lion animal t-shirts

Maybe his diet consists of organic coffee and vegan anything, or he proudly rocks a man bun. Instead of the usual suspenders and skinny jeans, force the hipster guy to mix up his wardrobe.

3. For the Lazy Yet Lovable Guy

sloth animal t-shirts

Who doesn’t feel lazy AF sometimes? It's time for him to channel everyone’s inner spirit animal and proudly proclaim his true self.

4. For the Guy Who Likes to Work Hard but Party Harder

tribal wolf animal t-shirts

A vivid pattern works great on Monday mornings, hungover or not. Paired with jeans, basketball shorts or simply sweats, he’ll still manage to look presentable. You’re welcome.

 5. For the Introvert

tiger face animal t-shirts

Not really one to communicate verbally? Whether he’s PO’d the dining hall ran out of fries, or someone stole his seat in lecture, he’ll no longer need to glare angrily. Let the shirt do the work.

 6. For the Future Stand Up Comedian

polar bear animal t-shirts

While this design may seem ironic, you can’t deny a funny shirt goes a long way, especially when he’s trying to look like he cares but not like a “try hard.”

7. For the Hippie

colorful wolf animal t-shirts

On days where he needs to just chillax, bright colors and an overall easy vibe work wonders. Can’t you just imagine a hammock, his favorite oldies and some shade in the background?

8. For the Feline Fanatic

kitty cone animal t-shirts

Ladies, your probably won't find anything more adorable than a guy who shows off his inner cat lady. If you love claiming your BF’s tees as your own, you’ll love this purrfect design.

9. For Anyone Who Misses Spot, Rover or Fido

dog animal t-shirts

Man’s best friend wins again. If bae prefers canines above all else, he’ll love you even more for reminding him of his four legged BFF.

10. For the Minimalist

tiger eyes animal t-shirts

Anyone who wears solely black belongs on The Addams Family or just hates it when stains show. If your man prefers a monochromatic wardrobe, try something with a simple design to help jazz things up.

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