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10 T-Shirts That Will Keep College Girls Cute and Comfy

We all know those lists proclaiming “the wardrobe essentials every woman should own.” In the midst of the perfect coat or pair of skinny jeans, what about the t-shirts? Finding the "perfect" anything sounds immediately stressful.

Need the perfect tee for Saturday night or something comfy to help you survive a long lecture?

1. The White Tee

Multi-taskers, you’ve met your match. You can dress this down with a pair of leggings and sneakers, or pair it with a patterned skirt and a blazer for an internship interview. If you’re worried about being too simple, try a V-Neck. “I can’t praise a plain white T-Shirt enough and I’m not talking about those ones that come in a pack at the big-box stores. If you really invest a good white T-Shirt that possibilities are endless,” University of Florida junior Rae Holt said.

2. The Political Statement

If you’re not looking to stay subtle with your political opinions, why not declare them loud and proud? Wear this to your next politics class, and everyone will know where you stand on the 2016 election. Or if you’re one to take your activism to the streets, wear it to a protest or march to show that you still remain optimistic about the future. “I wore this to the local women’s march in January and though it was a difficult time, I felt confident that the future's still bright, and female,” UF  junior Grace McNitt said.

3. The Striped Tee

Stripes are for everyBODY, pun intended. Look instantly classic when wearing stripes. They work great for the days you wish you weren’t studying in the library, but instead sailing on a yacht overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Pair with jean shorts and rock a beachy vibe, even if you live nowhere near one. 

4. The Brunch Tank Top

Do you show up to Sunday brunch just a tad hungover from the night before? Well, it happens to the best of us. You’ll need to pull on something comfy, AKA the opposite of last night’s outfit, before you head out the door. You won’t have to explain why you’re rocking large sunglasses and a horribly messy bun to your friends, as your shirt will say it all.

5. The House Party Tee

What’s not to love about parties, especially one held in the comfort of a house? They have friends, food and fun all under one roof. Since the parties tend to be casual, rock your favorite graphic tee. It'll serve as a great conversations starter, and by the end of the night you’re sure to make new friends. “I wear this shirt with a list of a bunch of my favorite authors all the time,” UF senior Rachel Morton said. “When I wore it out the other night I didn’t think that people would even really notice but I received a bunch of compliments and questions, which was cool because I love talking about books.”

6. The Gameday T-Shirt

“Everyone should have a go to game day shirt, they’re typically comfortable and obviously show off school pride,” UF senior Maggie Hunter said. If you attend a large university where football reigns supreme, this can also double as your "everyday shirt." Wear it to the next Saturday game and show off your school pride. Even if you plan on just attending the tailgate, you can pretend you actually went to the game. 

7. Favorite Show Shirt

If your plans to lay in bed, forget about your to-do list and binge watch your favorite Netflix series, don’t bother pulling on anything else. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, for all you Gilmore Girls fans, or grab a few Eggo Waffles if you’re into Stranger Things. Now, lounge like a lazy hermit if you don’t plan on moving for hours, or days. No judgement here.

8. Weekend Getaway Shirt

Do you plan on getting away from your college town this weekend? Why not get into the spirit? Better yet, you and your friends can snap loads of photos, making everyone back at school jealous and regret that they stayed within your school's city limits. “My friends and I love Disney so we go a lot that last year for Christmas I got us coordinating shirts, it’s cheesy but really cute,” UF senior Bailey Stephens said.

9. The Band Tee

Everyone has a favorite band or artist whether they enjoy dancing to Taylor Swift or The Rolling Stones. The best way to show off that admiration? Proclaim your love around campus, to local musical festivals or while exploring the cool record store downtown. You’ll look and feel the part of a music aficionado. Even when your favorite music isn’t necessarily playing on the radio anymore, you’ll still have the chance to show your music pride.

10. The Workout Shirt

Going to the gym sucks enough, and you’ll need some inspo. This will keep your sweat from that intense cardio session in check and not make you feel overwhelmed with heat during the cool down process. Now, you’re ready to show off a new look and begin that healthy regimen you promised you’d start at the beginning of the year.

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