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10 Comforters for Every Personality

As if college could not get any more stressful with the workload, picking out a room theme can make it even more exhausting. Will this comforter give your roommate the wrong idea about who you are? Will white immediately get filthy? Will I be too hot if the comforter’s too heavy? But I also want it to keep me warm. You have so many factors to consider and so little time. But let’s bring it back to basics. Your bedding should represent your traits and make you feel at home because, after all, this will be your home for the next eight months or so.

1. The English Major

If you’re a wordsmith and books have always been your greatest comfort, don’t be afraid to embrace that in college. You may not be able to lug your enormous bookshelf to campus, but you can come close with the right kinds of decorations. “I looked for something that reminded me of home,” Wilkes University sophomore Olivia Cavanaugh said. And she’s definitely not alone, as most students will admit that they want something to help them ease their minds while living away from their hometown. Take it from Lock Haven University junior Amelia Garraway, for instance. “I was looking for something that made me feel comfortable, like I was at home,” Garraway said. Why not remind yourself of your Rory Gilmore level book collection at home?

2. The Hippie 

hippie comforter

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Do you love the colors of the rainbow, and can’t resist the #vibes that tie-dye gives off? Show the world your laid-back joyfulness by letting your room reflect your way of life. Just add a lava lamp and dream catcher and you are groovy. When you’re feeling drab after that long week, turn your record player on and feel those good vibes.

3. The Minimalist 

To say that you are Pinterest goals is an understatement. Your friends see copper and marble on every Pinterest board you own. Even your wedding ring will be rose gold (yes, you have it planned already). Some say you’re plain and your style is “cold,” but you feel right at home with this palate. So hang up those copper accents and live in that board you’ve been working on since junior year. “My bedspread was a gray with small accent color so it matched for anything for the past 4 years,” Sacred Heart University first year graduate student Brenna DeStefano said. In following her minimalist approach, you can have a new theme each year, without ever having to buy another comforter. This will work great for those who feel like they can never choose just one of anything.

4. The Procrastinator

Okay, so not everyone is perfect. But last minute shopping is your thing. You don’t like to brag, but you’re the master of Christmas shopping at the last possible second. And you’re proud of it, too. When it comes to dorm bedding (aka the last thing on your mind), you look for something that works just in time for move-in day. “[I picked my bedding based on] affordability and the patterns,” said Penn State junior Sarah Shahriar. “[My room] really does have an almost sleepy vibe to it.” Look for something simple yet chic to pull your room together while still looking like you tried. #winning.

5. The Adolescent


You will forever have that childlike personality and you’re never giving it up, no matter how many times your parents call you an adult now. You’re entering the real world where you make all the big decisions like whether you really need to do laundry once a week. And you’re learning from your experiences. For example, maybe it’s not the best decision to eat ramen for every meal. But hey, there are four years of learning ahead of you, so don’t sweat it. Choose your bedding based on your instincts, even if they haven’t changed since you were five. “I picked out things based off comfort.” Misericordia University sophomore Ashley Strausser said. She has a point—don’t we all just want to feel like a comfy, snug child when we drift off to sleep?

6. The Adventurer

You spend every sunny day outside with Mother Nature. If you cannot make it to your favorite trail, the campus biking path will do. Do you consider the Great Outdoors your second home? Why not feel like you're living in the forest all day, everyday? “I needed [my space] to be comfortable so I could easily fall asleep in my new bed and feel like I was back at home," said Misericordia University Lindsay Lord. We can all agree on that when we spent our first night worrying in bed about class the next day. At least you won't need to stress about your ugly AF dorm walls. 

7. The History Major

Your room at home is filled with dark wood walls and candles lit on each table. Lace curtains cover your windows, and almost everything in your room is from a thrift or antique shop. Vintage is your vibe and you love that broken-in feel; you think you actually belong in the Colonial era or in the Middle Ages. Embrace that look and proudly showcase your inner history lover.

8. The Flirt

 blush comforter

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Your friends would typically describe you as flirty. You love soft colors like petal pink, and peonies fill your room. You’re never parting ways with your Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Marilyn Monroe posters. The soft pink tones fill your room with cozy and comfy blankets and pillows to cozy up with. Your fuzzy carpets warm up your feet on those cold December mornings while you sip on your Starbucks latte. You are a princess at heart, and why would you ever deny it? 

9. The Freshman

 penn state comforter

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For some, a statement sticker on their laptop is enough to #represent their school. Freshman year needs to start with a bang and you are eager to show off your school pride. For you, it doesn’t stop until your room screams your college’s name to everyone who enters. Everyone assumes the blue accents in your rug are evidence of your favorite color, but you’re quick to remind them that it’s really a tribute to your beloved institution. They may whisper that you’re a fanatic, but you just feel a loyalty to your future alma mater, and there’s no attribute more admirable than loyalty.

10. The Dreamer

palms duvet 

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Thoughts of sand, sun and refreshing saltwater lapping up against your feet take you to your happy place. For you, making every space as peaceful as possible is key to surviving college. You cannot wait to your toes in the sand and a margarita in your hand. Having trouble falling asleep? Problem solved. Turn on those ocean wave sounds and you are off to paradise.

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