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10 Cool T-shirts For College Guys

We all know how complicated shopping for bae gets. From finding the right size, to wondering if he would even like it, things tend to get frustrating. On top of that, trying to understand men’s jean sizes? Forget about it. It seems as if guys on college campuses wear the same thing everyday...sweats, oversized sweaters and Nike slides (not the impression they should be making IMO). But if you really want him to stand out from the crowd and not just roll out of bed and leave for class in pajamas, you will want to gift him with one of these snazzy tees.

Check out some cool T-shirts so he can switch it up once in a while. 

1. Dino Night Tee

Going out to the movies? Pair this with denim ripped jeans and his outfit is one less thing he will have to worry about for the night out. Bonus points if you’re seeing the newest Jurassic Park movie.

2. V Neck

Nothing looks more confident than a man in a V-neck. If he isn’t afraid to show off his chest he’d definitely dig this. He can match these with those baby blue jeans and Sperrys for the complete college look. Get these in different colors too, because guys need variety so they don’t look like they’re wearing the same old thing every day.

3. Sports Jerseys

Nothing screams “I’m a college student” more than this, especially when wearing it with a long sleeve under. Jerseys serve as the go to outfit for the weekends and when watching sports games with the boys, or going to your school’s championship game. “I enjoy wearing these to go keeps me in style,” Penn State senior Brandon Abreu said. 

 4. Geometric Fox Tee

Does he have trouble figuring out what to wear with that brown cardigan hanging in his dorm room closet? Thank me later. If the guy you’re shopping for might be kind of trying to go for an “I do freelance graphic design from independent coffee shops” aesthetic, something unique like this works as a great way to grab his toes and dip them in those waters for him.

5. Thrasher T-shirt

The “skater guy” look has somehow remained in style over the years. You can tell a guy likes fashion if he rocks one of these. It matches perfectly with some Vans so he can wear it out to those fundraiser events on campus.

 6. Classic Baseball T-shirt

“Not gonna lie I wear this to class all the keeps me from worrying too much if my outfit matches,” Penn State sophomore Josh Williams said. Pair this one with some white converse and he will be ready for the rest of the day. Pro tip: Buy them in different colors because they tend to serve as the go to shirts when he feels too lazy to figure out what to wear (AKA always).

7. Hipster Lion Tee


This is for all those “F--k I just missed my alarm, quick grab something to wear” mornings. Except this won’t leave him looking ridiculous and running to class in pajamas. Who knows? Maybe no one will even notice he missed his alarm.

 8. Harvard Law Just Kidding

Who doesn’t love adding a little humor to other people’s day? This will get him some double take looks for sure. Aside from masquerading as an Ivy League student, t-shirts with your college name and logo are the go-to shirts for lectures and those boring 8 a.m. classes.

9. Polo

Whether going out to the (country) club or to class, you can never go wrong with a preppy polo. “I like to be more on the brand name side to add more style while going to class,” Penn State senior Christian Snow said.

10. NIKE Men Just Do it Tee

If you find your guy begging you to go to the gym with him, give him something to spark his own motivation (without having to hit the weight room yourself). If he is one of those guys who take #GymBod photos, he’ll need a shirt that’s totally Instagram worthy. “I like to flip flop between Nike and Adidas shirts when I go to the gym,” Penn State senior Michael Gonzalez said. 

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