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10 Donut Gifts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Forget about Van Gogh. The donut is the best thing the Dutch ever gave us. Everybody loves the sugary, deep fried rings, so what better gift than a simple reminder of this incredible food?

These 10 donuts gifts will satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories.​

1. Starry Donut Pin

donut pin

“I love the idea of an outer space detail in the icing, instead of standard sprinkles,” Cal Long Beach alumni Aylea Denoy said. “It would give any donut accessory a unique touch.” Garfield was the first to mix astrophysics with dessert, observing that the expansion of the Universe only means that there is always “room for another donut.” Help a friend to show off the sweetness of the cosmos with a cute donut pin.

Price: $1.55

2. Donut Party Banner

donut party banner

What better way to decorate a birthday party than with a donut party banner? Get your guests in the mood for sweets with this delicious reminder of pastries yet to come. “Everyone always talks about college kids drinking,” UC Berkeley senior Jade Chan said. “They don’t realize that most of us are actually very nostalgic. We would all love to have a birthday party with donuts.” It’s true: A donut party banner will attract even the most cynical sweet tooth.

Price: $18.21

3. Donut Worry Racerback Tank Top


With one of the greatest puns of all time, this tank top is guaranteed to bring laughter to anyone who sees it. Donuts represent the epitome of anti-anxiety comfort food, so “donut worry, be happy” makes for a concise but powerful stance on life. In the strife and stress of today’s world, it’s a good reminder of the peaceful power of donuts.

Price: $24.99

4. Donut Baseball Cap

donut hat

Who said sports and donuts don’t go together? This gift will allow your guy friend to show  off his love of donuts and baseball. “If I could wear a donut anywhere on my body while playing ball, I’d do it every time,” UC Berkeley junior Jack Krieger said. If enough teams wore these hats, the official snack of the MBL might switch from chewing tobacco to donuts. Who knows what could happen?

Price: $16.99

5. Donut Socks

donut socks

“If I could wear any clothing related to donuts,” Chan said, “I’d pick donut socks. Even just the sight of a donut is comforting, and it would be nice to always be able to look down and see one.” Truly, one does not need to eat donuts in order to enjoy them, and these socks bring the term “comfort food” to a whole new level. Whether you get them for you boyfriend, girlfriend, your best friend or yourself, these socks are disappointment-proof. These might create the only situation in which you actually want to put your foot in your mouth. 

Price: $7.50

6. Mini Donut Bath Bomb Set

donut bath bomb

Yes, this gift would make your sugar-crazed friend grin with every single sweet tooth in their mouth, but in all honesty it would be fantastic for anybody with good taste (pun 100 percent intended). This world has few things as adorable as a bath bomb in the shape of a colorful, sprinkled donut. “If I could have a bar of soap shaped like a donut, my life would be complete,” Krieger said.

Price: $13.99

7. Pink Donut Halves BFF Keychain

donut keychain

"If I had a donut keychain, I'd try and clip it on friends' backpacks and see if they’d notice,” UC Berkeley junior Sebastian Heric said. “It'd be a surprise with sprinkles, and maybe some laughs.” Super BFF half-and-half heart keychains are so last decade. Show some love for your ironic hipster BFF with a half-and-half donut keychain. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never forget each other.

Price: $25.00

8. Donut T-Shirt

donut t-shirt

Let’s say your best friend loves sweets, but desperately wants to have a healthier diet. What present could you possibly buy for them? “Nothin’ like a fun graphic t-shirt,” Denoy said. “It’s perfect for any donut lover to lounge around in.” This straightforward donut T-shirt boldly expresses your genuine love for donuts to the world and fulfills any outfit's pizazz quota.

Price: $16.99

9. Check Out My Six Pack Donut Mug

donut six pack mug

You should strive for mugs so punny that upon seeing it, milk spurts from the nose of even the most hardened anti-sugar warrior. This punny mug also serves as a brilliant reminder of the really important thing in life: having a six pack. “The ‘Check Out My Six Pack Donut Mug’ could be a great gag gift for a close guy friend or boyfriend who is really into exercise, but who also has a little bit of a sweet tooth,” Denoy said.

Price: $14.90

10. Donut Party Cups

donut party cup

When it comes to throwing a good party, even the DD Munchkins of details matter. Spice up the festivities with these donut-themed party cups and suggest to everyone that the solution to the world’s problems can be found in the hole of a donut.

Price: $15.00

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