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10 Gym Tanks that Motivate You to Do that Extra Rep

The sweat drips down your flushed skin. Your eyes focus on the rising numbers. You hear your muscles groan but there exists no other feeling of pain and bliss like this. How many reps of weights have you lifted? Or laps along the elliptical? You lose track as soon as you gaze at your reflection in the walled mirror, realizing that despite the workout, you’ve never looked better. Sure, exercise shouldn’t be about your appearance but rather your physical and mental health. But fashion motivates your work out. The perfect tank can motivate any girl to feel capable of committing to that extra rep.  

Check out these 10 gym tanks that'll inspire you to push yourself.

1. The Standard Vibe


Tangled locks making gym trips insufferable? Honey, messy buns and swaying ponytails simply mean you’re cardio workout shows just how hard you’re working (nothing some dry-shampoo can’t cure afterwards). Embrace your hair the way you stick through squats and surely this tank will guide you to the end. “I used to be insecure having to dress down to workout. It definitely changed when the workout craze become like a fashion-movement. A bare face and messy hair don’t seem so bad when a fun outfit can make working out a fun routine,” said Folsom Lake College junior Shelby Browning. 

Price: $24.99

2. Plain Chic

You can never go wrong with a simple color-block or sheer tank. Find one with an interesting cut-out and deliver style with your calisthenic work-out. “I would say I get really pumped for a workout if I’m wearing either a cropped workout tee or a tank that can show off my sports bra. I like a really simple design – no logos or sayings. Just something clean and functional,” said San Diego State senior Karishma Sharma.

Price: $24.50 

3. Love Wins

Loving the world starts with loving yourself. Get a tank that expresses the simplicity of why you’re staying healthy and stands up for a cause that should simply be instinctual: loving yourself and the world around you. Exercising to get fit and feel good about your health and body are important. Just remember that the deal should never be about fitting into that one dress but rather looking into the mirror and loving the girl who wears it.   

Price: $24.99

4. Mind Over Matter

Your brain knows you need to dunk a ball in the hoop or sprint until your legs crumble. The problem? The eyes that judge you can intimidate even your bravest ability to dribble. With the perfect tank to hit the court, know that no one’s words or looks of scrutiny will matter if you can take a shot for yourself. With style checked off, you’ll have the willpower to lay down those free-throws until you can swish the net with your eyes closed. Practice can make perfect when your mind triumphs over inconsequential matters.

Price: $24.99

5. The Gym is Where the Magic Happens

If you’re a serious gym girl then the real magic happens with your pre-workout game. Gulp down that protein shake (which by the way does not taste like a milkshake) and get to those lunges and planks that make you happy cry. The real magic exists in whether or not you can move the next morning. 

Price: $24.99

6. I’d Drink to That

I know you’d rather be sipping Cosmos at the bar then doing pull-ups on one. Surely there exists no better motivator to move than style; though a little bubbly might prove to be a greater incentive. “Balancing school and going to the gym was kind of hard at first. When I got my friends to come with me though it made everything easier and definitely more fun. Now, when we go shopping, we are always picking out funny workout clothes that say exactly how we feel,” said UC Berkeley sophomore Andrea Miller. 


Price: $18.99

7. The Cat Pun to End Them All

I’m pawsitive with this tank, you’ll want to hit the gym right meow. #Sorrynotsorry for the puns. For all the cat people, the rest of us know just how much you’d rather be chasing your feline companions than sprinting miles on the treadmill. Still not an excuse. Give the cat a ball of yarn and work fast. Remember, if you’re looking good, you feline good (I had to).

Price: $24.99

8. The Rhetorical Tank

The most fun tanks certainly depict a question every girl wants to say aloud. Well here’s something better: an outfit that does the job for you. “The feeling right after I work out gets me most pumped. Those endorphins last the whole day for me! Yoga pants that really shape your booty and a loose tank make any gym outfit honestly. Pilates is my go to work out – you can do Pilates anywhere with no weights required,” said Yuba College Junior Judy Tran.

Price: $14.99

9. You Deserve the Best

There’s nothing better than giving yourself the gift of health and self-care. Achieve your workout and reap rewards even better than toned arms. Tired calves and sore abs? Surprisingly, the feeling becomes a sensation you enjoy and pride yourself on. Any day you push yourself to hustle, you definitely earn self-praise for your accomplishments. 

Price: $24.99

10. The Yoga Goddess

Namaste and good taste dominate the focus for this tank style. Your crouching tiger never breathed so well in this pure polyester piece. “I fell in love with yoga after taking a few classes at my college. It’s super calming but it takes a lot of strength to pull of those poses. I love any tanks with positive sayings on them and especially anything with a light, breathable fabric to stretch in,” said Folsom Lake College sophomore Melanie Gomez.


Price: $16.99

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