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10 Hipster Shower Curtains You Need in Your New Apartment

While a shower curtain may cover you up while washing off the stress and dirt from the day, they are essentially the center of your bathroom. You want something non-mainstream that shows off your personality but also something that’s not too "try hard." “Shower curtains are cool and nice because they protect me from the outside world when I want go enjoy privacy,” said American University sophomore Bridget MacKimm.  

Impress your guests with these cool hipster shower curtains while making your bathroom the talk of the town.

1. The cartoon collage shower curtain

From Bart Simpson to Spongebob, there are a range of characters that weirdly get to watch you shower. Nothing screams hipster like a bunch of cartoon heads smushed together to create one nostalgic collage. Anything to bring us back to the 90s or early 2000s when our biggest worries in life just included bath time.

 2. The French fry shower curtain

Yum, am I right? It's like a Tasty video come to life. If your bathroom is the main one in the house it also serves as a conversation starter. "I think flashy/trendy shower curtains can really make a bathroom pop, but I'm afraid to look tacky. So I stick with more subtle curtains to stay on the safe side,” said AU sophomore Maya Bidjerano. Everyone will be dying to know where you scored such a delicious design for your new pad. Hipster foodies will love this one, but might not be so perfect for someone trying to cut out the fried food and shed a few pounds.

 3. The shark shower curtain

shark shower curtain

As Tracy Jordan once said, “live every week like shark week” and with this scenic shower curtain you can. However, if you’re not a fan of sharks it’s best to stay away from this design. But, hey, hang this up if you know your annoying roommate has a huge fear of sharks. Maybe it will stop her from stealing all of your makeup remover wipes.

4. The hipster lion curtain

This is the opposite of ferocious and may even create a soothing vibe. With billowing hair and smart looking glasses this lion looks like he’s about to make you a really nice coffee or ace an exam. Hipsters will appreciate the fine detail and the major hip vibes it gives. 

 5. The elephant on the toilet

elephant shower curtain

Most people feel uncomfortable with an elephant in the room, but this may do the opposite. A funny and unique image provides bathroom goers with a good laugh, for those who prefer to stray from the usual flowery patterns. What better way to impress the joker hipsters in your life?

 6. The king kong sloth shower curtain

sloth shower curtain

In recent years, for some odd reason, millennials have become obsessed with sloths. Some may find their creepy black eyes and long nails kind of gross, but the majority think they’re oh-so-cute.If your hipster roommate takes 80 year long showers, get him something fun so he'll doubly enjoy his shower. Hipsters love to show their unique style and nothing says unique like a lazy person's spirit animal. 

 7. The world map shower curtain

world map shower curtain

Sometimes showers get super boring and you need some distraction from waiting for your conditioner to perfectly moisturize your hair. Why not get a little geography lesson with a world map shower curtain? This one serves as the absolute perfect gift for hipsters who wants to brush up on their world geography. “My roommate had a very replaceable and disgusting curtain but it had a world map on it so I kept it up. Kept me entertained for a year,” said AU grad Jordan Greenberg. Nothing like multitasking to get you through a morning routine.

 8. The simple succulent curtain

As we know some hipsters are very conscious about their produce and plant life. “When I first moved into my very own apartment, I was looking at really expensive, unique shower curtains from Urban Outfitters. I really wanted something colorful because your shower curtain is the centerpiece of your bathroom,” said AU Junior Fletcher Cobbsek. Why not give a beautiful housewarming plant that never dies? You'll find your zen in no time. 

 9. The crazy octopus curtain

octopus shower curtain

If you’re looking for something more edgy and artsy, say no more. An abstract design might be a bit out there but definitely adds life to your bathroom. When showering, you may feel like you’re diving a few feet under with some crazy wildlife around you. The design may be intricate but this is on the cheaper side, something perfect for college students struggling to find a cool, decorative piece. 

 10. The human skeleton curtain

Need to shower but also study for your anatomy exam? Look no further. Now this sounds like a weird shower accessory from the name but it’s actually cool. It might come off as a bit risqué with the clear lining showing two skeletons, though. “I once had a see through shower curtain where I didn’t know if people could see you showering. It made my showers more exhilarating knowing anyone could walk in and maybe see me naked,” said AU senior Christina Poelitz.

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