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10 Wall Tapestries to Fill Your Space with Personality

The simplicity of the white—sometimes even cinderblock—dorm room walls can quickly begin to look more like a jail cell than your home away from home.

Revamp those drab walls easily with a wall tapestry that suits your style. 

1. Motivational Sayings

Sometimes college students just need that extra little push to get through their tough days. A motivational saying hanging on your wall might just get you out of bed for that 8 a.m. you regret taking. Indiana University Isabella Gutierrez and her roommates found a pretty tapestry that represented them as strong female students. The phrase GRL PWER, surrounded by pretty images including art of women’s bodies, animals, shapes and nature, hangs in their living room. “They bring a really cute and cool design to a room,” said Gutierrez.

Price: $45.00

2. Pops of Color

Colleges don’t allow you to paint your dorm walls, so you must get creative when you want to add some color to your new space. A wall tapestry with bright colors does the trick. This kind of statement piece can cover a large amount of space, making it seem like you put more work into decorating than you really did. “You can blend a cool pattern with really any color palette and make something interesting to look at that will draw attention,” Indiana University junior Christopher Boyll said.

Price: $12.99

3. Mandala Pattern

The Mandala pattern makes for a classic wall tapestry style. Originally used as a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism, it has transformed into a more generic term for any geometric pattern. Indiana University sophomore Brooke Pruitt likes the style of patterns, especially ones that start in the middle and are circular. “They look intriguing,” Pruitt said. “I believe a good wall tapestry has bright colors, a thick material and a uniform pattern.”

Price: $14.99



Your space should be an extension of who you are as a person. You already fill your bedroom with posters, music and other things you like. Deciding on a wall tapestry should be no different. “Try to find your personality in a tapestry,” Pruitt said. “You’ll admire it more.”

Price: $45.00

5. Book-inspired

Looking for another way to express your inner bookworm besides the overfilled bookshelf? Look no further, you can easily find a wall tapestry inspired by your favorite read. "A good tapestry should evoke positive feelings," Boyll said. When it comes to the size of the tapestry, bigger is better. “Sometimes it’s hard to find a lot to decorate walls with, so that helps." 

Price: $45.00

6. Scenic

College makes it easy to get so stressed, you almost want to run away. So why not opt for a change in scenery? Gutierrez prefers tapestries that depict scenery of mountains, beaches, forests or lakes. “I think they give you something to imagine,” she said. “Even if you are not actually there, it sort of motivates you in a way that getaways like those places exist.” Hang a tapestry right above your desk so you can always see your own happy place. Now you can look up when you have writer’s block at midnight while typing out your eight-page essay and feel a sense of peace.

Price: $45.00

7. Photographs

If you are looking for something more styled to your particular interests, this style should do the trick. The style itself is very wide-ranging. You can hang a tapestry with a photograph of animals or gummy bears or unlimited other possibilities. You can definitely find something that speaks directly to you.

Price: $45.00

 8. Unique Patterns

If your bedroom or living room follows a theme, don’t think you have to change everything. There are plenty of unique patterns on Amazon that can serve as the cherry on top of your beautifully decorated space. “They are relatively cheap and cover a lot of space on a wall,” Pruitt said. “I don’t have to buy multiple things to decorate. I just bought a tapestry.”

Price: $11.31

9. World Map

A world map tapestry will soothe your fix to travel in the middle of the semester. It is perfect for the world traveler or the want-to-be-but-don’t-have-the-funds-yet traveler. You'll find options for both colorful and antique looking world map wall tapestries.

Price: $11.95

10. Artwork

Art-lovers can get in on the action with tapestries as well. Check out tapestries on Amazon that depict famous paintings. This allows you to have your favorite artist’s work at a much lower price. Unlike a framed painting, you don’t have to dust this decoration. You can simply throw it in the wash.

Price: $13.99

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