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Top 10 Apartment Accessories Your Girlfriend Actually Wants

Hey boyfriends! Ever buy something for your girl, only for her to shoot you that huge, fake smile? And then you find that said gift buried in the back of her closet a week later. What she really wants is for you to listen...or read this article. Stop stressing about the perfect gift and check out our top 10 best apartment gifts that she will love. We guarantee her smile won’t be fake this time around.

1. Adorable Succulents

A dorm or apartment sometimes looks and feels about as homey as a hospital room. What better way to improve her comfort level than by adding some green? “Plants are really nice for making a room feel more like a home,” said George Fox University sophomore Danielle Howard. Plus, she can totally pretend it’s a pet, especially since apartments might not allow furry creatures. “Something low maintenance but aesthetically appealing [would be great], like a succulent or a cactus. Wandering Jews are also really easy to grow and maintain as well,” said Howard.

2. String Lights 

“[I would love] Christmas decor light[s]. This makes a new apartment look warm and feel more like a home,” said University of Washington senior Jacqueline Leung. String some lights above her window or maybe above her bed and voila, it looks like you've totally transformed her world into a romantic haven. Simple, yet effortless.

3. Colorful Tapestries

You probably spend more time over at her place than yours, so why not help make it cheery? “I was thinking that big, colorful, artistic posters to make the room feel a lot warmer would be good. It would be fun to receive as well as shop for,” said College of Saint Benedict junior Laura Lanigan. Give the room even more depth and warmth with a tapestry. After all, how can you get into that proper Netflix and chill mood if the room looks like a prison cell?

4. Throw Pillows

Picture this: tiny lights line the room, her roommate’s out for the night and you’re starting to get into the mood, only to have your spine dig into her horrible mattress that’s best described as a boulder. Ouch. To prevent any next day backaches, invest in a throw pillow or four. She’ll love them because what girl doesn’t like pillows. And you’ll love them even more because…well you know why. Sounds like a win-win all around. 

5. Shower Curtains 

If you dread sleepovers at her place thanks to that mildew covered shower curtain, buy this for her STAT, especially since she’s probably well aware of that nasty shower curtain and hasn’t found the time to deal with it. Do her a favor and buy one with a funky pattern that’ll help ease the pain of dragging her butt out of bed for any early morning seminars.

6. Welcome Mat

Take the “homey” vibe a step further. Nothing screams “welcome to my fabulous place” more than a quirky welcome mat. It also prevents you from leaving dirty footprints in her room, which you know she hates. Make sure to find one she’ll love--you can never go wrong with cat themed gifts. After all, imagine how happy she’ll feel knowing that you took the time to hunt for such a thoughtful gift.

7. Mugs

Want to really be the romantic boyfriend that she’s always wanted? Buy her a mug. Seriously, besides shoes, college girls need mugs above all else. “[I would also love] cute mugs for sipping tea or coffee while studying,” said Howard. They’re versatile and not to mention cheap. Plus, imagine the “aww factor” if you present her with a cup of her favorite tea after she’s been sitting at her desk in torn sweats, biting her nails with frustration, craving nothing more than a sweet gesture. Pro tip: Lady coffee lovers all across America will rejoice if you find one that’s Gilmore Girls themed. Who can resist a Luke’s Diner mug?

8. Shoe Rack

Ever find yourself stepping over her seemingly endless pairs of shoes? Nip that problem in the bud with this handy item that she’ll never stop thanking you for. “Multiple times last year I found myself in desperate need of sturdy shoe racks— one rack to put in my closet for my own personal shoes and one rack to put by the front door. My apartment mates and I were constantly tripping over each other’s shoes surrounding the front door and my room was littered with shoes,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison junior Natalie Kulhanek. You can even assemble it for her too.

9. Mirror

“Well, I would think about having a full body mirror, either standing alone or hanging on the door,” said University of Washington sophomore Celine Steinbach. Most ladies know that those standard dirty medicine cabinet mirrors just don’t cut it, especially when we need to perfect that side braid. Guys, you hate it when we take forever getting ready, so why not do everyone a favor and buy her a full-length mirror? She’ll look even cuter (as if that’s possible) for date nights, and it’ll cut her prep time in half.

10. Blanket

How can you Netflix and chill properly without a blanket for when that pesky RA or roommate accidentally walk in? This will solve all your problems. Even better? Every time she snuggles up with the blanket, it’ll remind her of you and how much she loves her gift, but especially you.


Valerie Siu is a senior at the University of Washington, studying English/Creative Writing. She loves anything caffeinated, Netflix and long road trips. She will always be way too obsessed with Once Upon a Time.

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