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Top 10 Shirts for Back to School

You filled your shopping cart with your dorm must-haves (including that cool lava lamp you’ve salivated over for months), and finally signed up for that psych elective. Now that just leaves...oh yeah, clothes. Great—when did all your tees develop holes? Although people say you can just wear your pajamas to class, you and I both know you need something that screams “I’m serious about learning” to your professor and something that will attract that cutie you’ve had your eye on for a while.

These Back to School Tees Will Make Everyday Feel as Fresh As The First Day of Freshmen Year.

1. The Mew Yorker

mew yorker tee

Proudly proclaim your inner (name journalist of choice), as if your sharp eye for grammatical errors and breaking stories doesn’t already scream “future Pulitzer winner.” Who doesn’t love a good pun?

2. Kitty Cone Tee 

kitty cone tee

You miss your kitty terribly, and that long body pillow simply doesn’t cut it as a cuddle buddy. Never fear—and no need to drive home crying. Instead of FaceTiming your cat all day, everyday, aim for a substitute. Bonus: Eye-catching prints will definitely serve as a conversation starter the next time your professor assigns a cringe-worthy icebreaker.

3. Stressed Blessed Racerback Tank Top 

stressed blessed coffee obsessed

Ah, who doesn’t relate to feeling this way sometimes, or everyday? Maybe you just really like to rock that #athleisure look, or you like to keep your pits cool. Either way, match your outfit to your grouchy Ron Swanson expression. After class, no need to change as you head to gym. Now you have no excuse to get your sweat on.

4. American Flag Graphic Tee

american flag tee

No matter how you feel about our country right now, you can’t go wrong with a classic design. Pair this with jeans for a casual yet tied together look, or rock your favorite sweats—at least your top half will look presentable.

5. Henley T-Shirt

henley tshirt

For those mornings where you literally just can’t, you’ll need something simple yet comfy so you can at least pretend you feel like a 10. Pull this on, run a comb through your hair and head across campus to that early morning bio lab. We swear no one can tell you had to set three alarms just to open your eyes. Also, it’s nearly impossible to look attractive while wearing one of these. Take from that what you will.

6. Dino Night Tee 

dino tee

Ross Geller wannabes or future veterinarians will love anything with a fun animal print. Even better? You can proudly rock this unique design for class, and then throw on a blazer for your date with #bae.

7. Printed Pineapple Shirt

pineapple tee

The saying goes “cool as a cucumber,” but it could totally apply to other produce items as well. While sitting in class, daydreaming about margaritas, running on a sandy beach in Hawaii or napping under the sun, this will keep those summer vibes alive.

8. V neck shirt

vneck t-shirt

You’ve probably seen this on fashion bloggers all over Instagram, and there’s a reason for that. Whether you prefer leggings, skinny jeans or skirts, you will literally never look like a slob with something like this. You’re welcome.

9. Pho T-Shirt

pho t-shirt

Again, puns just don’t get old. Bond with your group project partners over your love of this yummy dish. Maybe this semester, you won’t actually want to gouge your eyes out with a fork while putting together that group presentation.

10. Hipster Lion Tee

hipster lion tee

If you love kale and mason jars more than life itself, why hide it? You could wear suspenders and large glasses, or you could let your shirt speak for yourself. Your choice. 

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