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Cried But Did It Sticker

Cried But Did It Sticker

Cried But Did It Sticker

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The Rembrandts knew what they were talking about. It may not have been your day, your week, your month or even your year, but you’ve made it through anyway. Did you sob through the entirety of your history paper? Throw a tantrum while trying to file your taxes? Suffer a full-on meltdown in the quad while trying to finish your group project? Wear those tears like a badge of honor. You finished your task, and that’s what matters. 

This sticker will remind you that even when the going gets tough, you always pull through. Now take a break and cuddle up with some ice cream and bingeworthy television; you earned it.


Multi-purpose sticky backing allows the weather resistant sticker to be placed on anything and then easily removed and restuck anywhere. Each sticker will have a 1/8" white border.

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