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Thank You Sticker

Thank You Sticker

Thank You Sticker

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Hello, art students. All those long nights watching Bob Ross tutorials have paid off. The acceptance letter came and you took out a zillion loans to afford the tuition. Now it’s time to show what you’re made of.

Place this sticker on your water bottle, rock some cuffed jeans, Doc Martens and a bag filled with broken umbrellas to really nail the whole “art student” look. A Warhol twist on the “Thank You for Shopping with Us!” bag, this sticker will capture your unique and creative spirit. Even better? The Andy Warhol quote will inspire you to create even when you feel like a fraud.

Multi-purpose sticky backing allows the weather resistant sticker to be placed on anything and then easily removed and restuck anywhere. Each sticker will have a 1/8" white border.

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