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Sagittarius Tote Bag

Sagittarius Tote Bag

Sagittarius Tote Bag

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We love the way you love, Sagittarius. Passionately. Wholly. Kindly. You never let a moment pass without telling your loved ones how much they mean to you. Your sign may rule a dreary time of the year, but you radiate sunshine and positivity like no one else.

You need a tote bag to help you carry all of that love. After all, no one can carry all of that passion around without getting a little tired sometimes. At least you can carry snacks too offer as apologies if your well-intentioned but too honest advice for your bestie hits a little harder than you meant it to.

This versatile and functional canvas tote is perfect for any occasion. It features a reinforced stitching on handles and it's made from 100% cotton sheeting. It's a perfect blank canvas for you to show off your unique designs everywhere you go

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