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Scorpio Tote Bag

Scorpio Tote Bag

Scorpio Tote Bag

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Picture this: it's midterm season, Scorpio, and you're on your way to completing your third straight eight hour library session this week. You've exhausted your brain explaining passive voice to the football player you agreed to tutor. You can practically taste all of the A's in your future. Because you can't rest until you know you've given something your all. You just have one more chapter to read before your test on Friday and...

You forgot your book. Because you spent twenty minutes searching for a bag to throw everything in and forgot you laid in bed until 3 a.m. last night cramming vocab words into your memory. But you would have seen that book laying on your nightstand if you hadn't been running late for your meeting with your project partner. If only you'd had an adorable, descriptive tote bag ready to go, Scorpio. Then you wouldn't have to beat yourself up for the A- you received when you couldn't look over that last chapter for the 10th time.

This versatile and functional canvas tote is perfect for any occasion. It features a reinforced stitching on handles and it's made from 100% cotton sheeting. It's a perfect blank canvas for you to show off your unique designs everywhere you go

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