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Libra Tote Bag

Libra Tote Bag

Libra Tote Bag

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We all have that Libra in our friend group who never forgets anyone's birthday and will help you study for your upcoming O-Chem test. They'll be front row in the crowd at your first open mic night, laughing at every clumsily put together punch line and leading each roar of applause with vigor. Honestly, they've probably had this event written in their planner since the night you signed up three weeks ago.

Libra, we love you for always being the mom friend. You'll carry that book we asked to borrow across campus. You always have a stick of gum on hand in case we get caught red-handed with midday cafeteria taco breath. It's time to take a pause on taking care of your friends, and take care of you for once. Aren't you tired of that raggedy backpack that barely holds the homework you have to bring to campus that your roommates left at home? Upgrade to a tote bag that lets them know that if they use your coffee creamer one more time, those last second trips to campus to save their lives won't happen again.

This versatile and functional canvas tote is perfect for any occasion. It features a reinforced stitching on handles and it's made from 100% cotton sheeting. It's a perfect blank canvas for you to show off your unique designs everywhere you go

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